David Stefanelli. Drummer, percussionist, guitarist, and music producer.


You can have me add drum kit and or percussion to your music. It's all done remotely here in my studio.

You send me, via the web, a stereo mix of your track without drums and I can add drums and/or percussion to it. I then will give you .wav stems of my drums and percussion for you to use.

If you have the ability you can send me stems and a separate click of your music which I can load into my Logic X. I am able to generate a click track if you do not have one.

Here are a few examples of both drums and percussion recorded here in my studio.

The Cabin Studio.

Use the form below to contact me. We can then discuss what you need and what my price would be. I look forward to hearing from you!

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David Stefanelli, Zildjian endorsed.

David Stefanelli uses TOCA percussion instruments.

David Stefanelli uses Zager guitars.